Tuesday, October 16, 2012

um poco de malandragem

my favourite artist of all time is cassia eller; her song malandragem has been a theme tune to my life since i first heard it and she is a great inspiration; she strove for female rights in Brazil for many years.

malandro is a brazilian portuguese term usually reserved to describe a lifestyle of idleness, fast living and petty crime. however, amongst the long list of definitions and interpretations, is the following: 

"leads a bohemian life of only fun and pleasure, is characterized by savoir fair and subtlelity. its execution demands aptitude and charisma"

it's not that i think of myself as a malandro, at all. i'm far too shy to fit the bill. it's simply a concept that fascinates me and makes me smile; in my mind the malandro in me is flamboyant and care-free, a serial entrepreneur who loves to laugh and effortlessly creates around her a life full of je ne sais quoi, passion and adventure.

so i guess it's my life ambition to embrace that specific definition of malandragem.

as i sit here, in mirissa - a beautiful, surfer beach on the southeast of sri lanka -, on the top floor of a rickety guesthouse inches away from the waves, hearing them crash all around me as i sip on an ice-cold ginger beer, we turn up the volume and sing along:

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