i live in phnom penh.

in april 2012 i left my hometown of barcelona with my husband via mumbai, goa and the tea plantations to finally settle down for a year in tamil nadu. there, we lived in auroville, an experimental township where men and women from all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. auroville's purpose is to realize human unity. end quote.

we helped lead sadhana forest, an auroville-based reforestation project. we lived in a hut. we showered and washed in cold well-water. we ate vegan, organic, local food. we planted and mulched trees. we learned to appreciate the small things in life. non-violent communication was a big thing. it was beautiful and hard.

being surrounded with people 24/7 was full of joys and challenges; like being surrounded by hundreds of glinting mirrors than reflect who you are and who you want to be. and also, how much mud is splattered up your legs and how crazy your eyebrows have gotten.

in may 2013 we upped and continued further east to phnom penh, to make some money and start a family. i worked as a kindergarten teacher at golden gate american school in tuol kork and in my free time i wrote, read and caught up on a year's worth of mastercheff and great netflix series; orange is the new black anyone?

dawn of february 1st, 2014, saw me in labour. that day we welcomed our tiny daughter lyra into the world.

a flower sparkling in the sunlight. a verse from maria gadu's song shimbalaie.

brazilian portuguese speaks to my soul; i can't claim to speak it well, or indeed, at all, but its proximity to spanish allows me a glimpse into its beauty.

my husband lived in brazil for several years and over months of having its cadences spoken in my home by close friends, it has found a special place in my heart. this song makes me smile and tear up, makes my spirit soar and miss the beaches of barcelona.

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