Sunday, October 14, 2012

purifying the mind.

chatting to a friend last night, we spoke about meditations that purify the mind. vipassana is just one of these, there are many techniques that claim to aid this aim.

however, i have often found, talking about this matter, that we are often missing the introspection that goes before assuming lotus.

i'll use the metaphor i came up with last night: if we imagine a scientist who wishes to filter water from a stream for it to be pure enough to drink, she will first have to study and analyze what she is purifing the water of; what organisms and particles. this way she can begin eliminating these undesired elements that make the water impure. but first she knew what needed to be done, she didn't start by creating filters with the hope of purifying the water.

so in the same way, before purifying the mind we must have an idea of what the mind needs to be cleansed of.

the clearer our knowledge of ourselves is, the clearer our understanding of what needs to be purified, the better the focus with which we shall proceed.

let's all be scientist of our mind, then.

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