Thursday, June 20, 2013

phnom penh

the riverside

hi, pleased to meet you.

i hope we'll become close friends and you will slowly reveal your secrets to me.

i already love your juxtaposition of old and new world charm, your hundreds of little cafe's and restaurants from every single corner of the world.

i love that lucky's supermarket sells marmite and doritos.

i love that i get to drive everywhere side saddle on a motorbike.

i love that you kept the french legacy of the baguette.

i love the sheer abundance of culture everywhere; live music, documentaries, workshops and galleries. you are exploding with colour.

i love my bright, warm and breezy home in the tonle bassac neighbourhood.

i love the constant math in my head converting riel and dollars into rupees and euros.

i love how true it is that the khmer people do.not.stop.smiling. EVER.

i love that we chose to come here.

and i love snaps like these:

french colonial mansion.

royal palace.

national museum.

our street.