Tuesday, October 9, 2012

beach bum.

from a young age my younger brother has been obsessed with mountain climbing; hiking through ice and snow just to get that picture-perfect view from the top of a peak.

the colder the weather, the happier the man. his last choice of holiday destination lead him to iceland.  a beautiful country, don't get me wrong, but bloody cold.

since we were children, mountains have spoken to him.

since we were children, the sea has spoken to me.

the moment i get a whiff of the salty tang of surf breaking on sand, i'm beaming. i love everything about beach life; the happy go lucky people, the colours, the wild nature of the ocean, the scratchy feel of sand on my skin, watching the tide breathe, my hair bleached and crazy from the salt. everything.

remember i spoke about the monsoon being a lie? well, today we woke up on unawatuna beach. it is pure paradise, soft white sand, water that goes from electric turquoise to navy blue and palm trees leaning over, grazing the frothy waves. perfection. i might never leave.

here's the news though: clouds billowed in the distance. and it rained! but before you think i was premature in my last post, let me tell you this: it rained on the sea but not on the land. so i'm still sort of right: monsoon has not touched me yet.

still, we sat on the beach and watched huge purple rain clouds burst over the sea, moving like velvet curtains across the banana shaped bay.

and it was one of the many times i've felt certain that my life will take place on a shore.

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