Monday, October 8, 2012

snacks on local buses

when arriving at a bus stop, sometimes even in the middle of an apparently deserted road, hawkers jump on the moving vehicle and, shouting their sing-song catchphrases, proceed up and down the aisle selling everything from chickpeas to lotto tickets, toys and kid's books to candy bars. of all these snacks to make a journey that little bit more delicious, these are the ones that get my taste buds going:

1. spicy, salty fruit chunks

since trying this popular snack in ooty, one of the tamil hill stations, I've been hooked. little bags packed with juicy mango or pineapple slices are peppered with salt and chilli flakes, combining the sweetness of the fruit with a bang of heat. easily one of my favourite things to eat on the go, especially when staring out of a local bus open window.

2. corn on the cob

i'm a sucker for corn on the cob, so easy to make; anytime, anywhere, and with anything - a bit like that loose friend of yours who's always up for a party.

on goan beaches they cook it for you right there and then, as the waves lap at your toes, beckoning the last dip before the sun kisses the horizon.

in sri lanka, they sell it on buses. somewhere between kandy and colombo, i tucked into this yellow beauty and enjoyed every bite.

3. onion bhajis

mmhmm. not usually a fan of the fried food group, bhajis make me bite the bullet and go unhealthy. the asian version of onion rings have me handing out rupees and snuggling against the open window to tuck into the oily goodness.

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