Friday, October 12, 2012

healthy lunch when travelling

so you know i'm aiming to make my 27th year my fit year.

one of the tricks we've come up with to be both healthy and save a bit of cash is eating a home-made salad with fresh produce from the local market.

see, at least in india and sri lanka, cheap food you can buy on the go tends to be fried. fried, fried, fried. which sometimes hits the spot and too many times causes a break-out of spots.

so if your closest restaurant only offers a variety of samosas, sandwiches or pastries, pop down to the corner shop and then ask your guesthouse owner for a plate and a knife. now you're armed with all you need.

having a full-on sri lankan breakfast is both delicious and filling, so come lunch we buy whatever is going cheaply at our local fruit'n'veg and make a salad. today's was avo, tomato and cucumber. for some reason, avo's in india are super expensive, therefore here we're making up for lost time and cash by using any excuse to buy more of these vitamin-packed babies. (20lkr an avo, people, that's 0,33 cents of a euro!)

for desert, you ask? why, papaya on the beach, of course!


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