Friday, May 3, 2013

for this sacred land, it has seen many hands

so now come sit down will you talk with me now let me see through your eyes where there is so much light we are biding our time for these myths to unwind for these changes we will confront 

in the sweltering tamil heat i sit in an internet shoppee and type. sweating, perched on the edge of a too-low plastic seat, hoping my korean friend was right when she said drinking piping hot tea cooled the body down.
obsessively researching and falling in love with the unknown: the pearl of asia. phnom penh.

a year ago tuesday my plane touched down in chaotic, colourful and grimy mumbai. india was to become my home for the following 365 days. the lessons she has taught me could fill volumes and it will take many hours of staring into space, into a foreign sky, to fully absorb and integrate them all. 

and on this anniversary, my journey takes a twist, an unexpected turn further east. 

i pause, my mind whirling with the fans and xavier rudd, watching the gecko across the pale turquoise room and practice mindfulness. emotion wells deep within when i realize i will soon be in a departures lounge, leaving a country that has given me so much and which has taken so much from me in turn. 

like the mekong rising up to meet the capital of the khmer people, my future there is rushing towards me, sweeping me up in a tide of excitement and expectation. and soon, i will see through new eyes.

phnom penh, i'm coming. 

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