Friday, November 2, 2012

back home.

after landing in cyclonic conditions - something i never want a repeat of in a tiny propeller plane - and after a bumpy ride in a 4x4-taxi through flooded motorways and obstacle-ridden dirt tracks complete with fallen down trees, roots and debris, i am home.

i arrived at midnight to find my community huddled in one of our main huts, sharing beds, as the winds howled, rattling the bamboo and keet roof. exhausted, i threw myself down on a makeshift bed and passed out. after almost 24h in local buses, three-wheelers, jets and taxis, tiredness took over and i lapsed into sleep.

as the sun slowly penetrated the clouds and the soaking curtains, i opened my eyes and sighed; home.

smiles and hugs followed. anouk, dimitar, dorian, raj, allan... being surrounded by friends as they welcomed me back was heart-warming, i am so grateful for every single one.

i'm home.

our hut

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