Friday, September 14, 2012

1 year, 4 months

we met in july 2007.

best friends for 4 years.

married last year, on the 14th of april, 2011.

the night we met
five years later
we changed so much all those years as our friendship got stronger: he'd just flown in from johannesburg - jobless, penniless, all his friends still in brazil or london.
i was at university - jobless, penniless, my friends slowly leaving for their countries of origin.

we used to wonder the streets of barcelona, a bottle of sangria shared under the sun, stretched out in the park, talking. getting lost in the old town, splitting the cost of a drink in small terrazas hidden on narrow cobbled streets. two souls adrift, living off dreams of faraway, B regailing me with tales of his travels in the amazon and asia as I closed my eyes and let my mind fly.

now we're changing together and today, as we fly over the indian ocean to sri lanka for a month and a half, we will have been married 1 year and 4 months, living our dreams of faraway. 

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