Tuesday, October 2, 2012

introducing: the jackfruit

originating in the rain forests of india, the jackfruit is a perplexing fruit. it's huge, for starters. i mean, it can weigh up to 35kg! this is approximately what i weighed at the age of 12. HUGE. 

along with the papaya, they are great friends to have along for the ride if, whilst on the road, one has the tendency to become constipated. 

where i live, in tamil nadu, it is one of three auspicious fruits: the mango, the banana and the jack. they grow everywhere, like apples in europe. 

and i love that everything is auspicious in india, not a single thing is left to chance. the newspapers carry lists and lists of auspicious numbers for a number of activities and days of the week. especially weddings, which are a massive deal! as massive as the jackfruit. 

and because everyone should have an additional jackfruit funfact: being a relative of the durian, they share the same gym-socks smell that can knock you over. so it's best to eat it when not yet completely ripe!

local fruit stall.
it has a fleshy texture, and is in fact called "tree-mutton", cooked in curries as if it were chicken. flavour-wise it's kinda... blah, in my opinion. it's sweetish, a bit like a watery pineapple. in a world where the mango and raspberries exist, it doesn't really make the cut. but it's packed with vitamin a!

now i haven't tried this, but i understand that it's de.li.cious when baked and snacked on in the shape of chips!

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