Friday, September 7, 2012

hut, sweet hut

my husband and i live in a hut. a bamboo and keet hut. quite the pimped-out hut, in fact, located in the south of India, surrounded by other huts, inhabited by those who call Sadhana Forest home.

it's our quiet space away from the bustle of community life. so different from our apartment in Barcelona, except for one thing: there are books everywhere. in piles, on makeshift shelves and by the bed, on the coffee table and on the floor. 

i open my eyes to see a thousand shades of green spreading out into the distance, twinkling and turning orange and pink with the sunrise. it makes me wonder if i'm ruined forever for city life.

the hut is not ours alone, however; we share it with a dog and a humming bird. photos of that to come...

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